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May 18, 2007

Other missions

Filed under: Gameplay,Guides — Jeremy

There are a variety of missions that you will be given that don't involve entering a mission map:

  • Hunting Missions

    It counts down as you defeat the correct type of enemy
    It counts down as you defeat the correct type of enemy

    This is where you are commanded to "hit the streets", "take back territory", or "send a message to" some group of enemies. They will be worded different ways, but you will be commanded to find and kill (arrest) some number of that kind of enemy. They will usually be in the same zone as you, but not always.

    These are typically the easy and can be fast, but make sure you know where to find these things and that you can kill them. If they command you to kill Vahlolik which are level 6 at most in Galaxy city, but they require that you kill them in Perez (where they are up to level 14), you may not be able to take them without a team. Also if you don't know where to find that type of enemy, you may waste a lot of time just looking for them.

    In some cases (including the one in the sample photo above), a hunting mission will specify which city zone to do the hunting in. If you kill them and the counter isn't dropping, you're usually in the wrong place.

  • Talk to someone

    See below for an imporant tip on this kind of mission
    See below for an imporant tip on this kind of mission

    The goal is to speak to or deliver something to an NPC. These are very easy missions, but can be annoying because the contact is usually no where near where you are when you take the mission.

    These kinds of missions are usually part of the story plot and are unavoidable, but here's a tip for you:

    IMPORTANT! Some TALK TO X missions are specifically designed to introduce you to different parts of the game. For example, the mission to talk to David Wincott in the Hallows was added to introduce players to the zone when it was added to the game. If you've already been through the Hallows, you can skip it by meeting with David to complete the mission, then going straight back to the contact who sent you there and continuing with their missions.

  • Patrol Missions

    The police box you use in patrol missions.
    The police box you use in patrol missions.

    You must go to the target on the map and click the police phone. Then you go to the next target and repeat. After about 5 or so phones, you get a mission bonus. These are good that there's no fighting, but bad in that you will usually travel over the whole zone.

    By the way, you might have the same problem I did the first time I got one of these missions. I clicked on the phone expecting something to happen and nothing seemed to. It took me a while to realize that my target changed after I clicked the phone so watch for that.


Non-player character. Any character in the game that is controlled by computer code rather than a live player is an NPC.