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April 1, 2009

Shazel’s Fire/Fire/Fire Blaster Guide

Filed under: Blasters,Guides — Jeremy

I think the concept for Shazel came purely from wanting to build a Fire/Fire blaster (which is the purest damage dealer in the game). I'm big on concept characters so I made her as fiery looking and fire based as I could. The costume sealed the deal and I started playing my first Blaster ever.

It really was kind of a relief to be able to play on a team and not worry about watching other people's life points and Buffs and Debuffs etc, etc. A Fire Blaster's job is pretty much just to damage everything and do it in a spectacular way (and she does).


To heighten or make greater. For example, a defense buff would increase your defense.


To lower something. Accuracy debuff would be a power or effect that lowers accuracy for example.