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Safeguard Mission

Taking out the bank robber
Taking out the bank robber

A safeguard mission is where you enter an instance of a zone and find enemies who are trying to rob a bank. Your job is to stop the robbery by "arresting" the villains in the bank. You have only 15 minutes to do it, but if you do, you get temporary powers which are actually very useful (particularly the ones from the level 5-10 and 11-15 SGs that give temporary travel powers)

To get a Safeguard mission (usually abbreviated as SG, not to be confused with Super Group), you have to do a certain number of Radio missions. Once you have done the correct amount, you'll be unable to use the radio again until you talk to a detective (whichever one is named when you try the radio).

Unfortunately, no matter how much you've done for him, you'll have to walk all the way to him to get the option for the SG (apparently, they don't have cell phones). If you don't want to do it, you can decline and you can take radio missions again for a while.

If you accept, you can do the Safeguard which is the counterpart to the Villains' Mayhem (which are way more fun by the way). The advantage to the Safeguards is that there are badges to be had and you can get various temporary powers from completing them or the side-missions therein (details here).

Also note that while it's very, very annoying, you MUST return to the detective after completing an SG or he'll sit there like a wet turd taking up room in your missions list forever. Just go talk to him and he'll thank you and offer to introduce you to some new contacts (which is a great way to find new story arcs to follow if you otherwise ran out or outleveled the ones you had before).

Play Tips

When you enter, you're not on a timer yet. You just go around clearing out the enemies you see though you can ignore them and go straight for the bank if you want. When you get close to the bank, an alert sounds that the bank is being robbed. When that happens you better get in there fast.

Mudnuke and Tia ambush the villain when he tries to escape the bank
Mudnuke and Tia ambush the villain when he tries to escape the bank

A random villain will be busy breaking into the vault and you can chase them into the bank and fight them, but it's usually far easier to just wait and let them come to you at the entrance. As soon as you see them, defeat them and whoever's with them and you win!

After completion a timer starts which gives you 15 minutes to finish up any side missions or try to get the explore badge if you haven't done those already. Waves of vandals show up destroying items (which subtracts from your time), but you can gain time by defeating them and completing side missions.

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