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Police Band Scanner

A new element that was added in I7 was the police band scanner. Similar to the newspaper for Villains, this allows a hero to pick up randomly generated missions in the current zone. Once you've done a few of these missions, you can do a Safeguard Mission where you earn additional badges and temporary powers.

Getting my radio in King's Row
Getting my radio in King's Row

To get a radio, you have to talk to one of the detectives in a zone that's in your level range. The simplest way to do this is go to King's Row when you are between levels 5 and 15 or so. The first time you enter the zone, you'll automatically get a detective as a contact.

Select him from your contact list and follow your map to him and you'll get the Police Band Scanner (more simply known as a radio). The radio will be listed as your first contact in your contacts list for the rest of the game. You can listen to the radio and select from 3 available random Door Missions.

There's a few standard types of missions (defeat a boss, rescue, retrieve item), but sometimes you'll get "protect the bank" missions which can be more interesting. I for one hate rescue missions more than just about anything so I'll always avoid those if possible.

One tip: if you get only missions you hate, you can leave the zone and when you come back, there will be three new options. Either that or you can use the Drop feature to get rid of one you want by instantly completing it then immediately get another. The fastest way is more recent, but you can abandon any mission allowing you to get it again or take another instead. There's no pentalty for this so its a quick way to cycle radio missions you hate (or dig up ones you particularly want)

The best part about police missions is that they're always in your zone, you can get them from anywhere (you don't have to run to a contact) and after a certain number you get the option (meaning you don't have to do it if you don't want to) of doing a Safeguard mission.

The radio becomes a permanent contact at the top of your list
The radio becomes a permanent contact at the top of your list

The negatives are that they don't have any story associated with them so they can become tedious and you can only get radio missions if you are in a zone that matches your current level range that also has a detective in it (no Croatoa, no hazard or PvP zones).

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