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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • This comic is based on a really funny story I heard once about a new player who mistook an "Eidolon" (a boss-class zombie) for a hero in trouble. When he went to rescue the "hero", he got creamed.
  • When the Sonic powerset came out recently, I thought of the chracter "Screaming Gale" who would wield powers of storm and sound (like a raging storm). I never had much fun with the character, but I like her in the comic 😀
  • Note that the spelling mistakes used for Gale's speech are intentional. She's designed to represent a segment of the population in City of Heroes that lacks… uh… spelling skills.

2006, Nov 28

Just about a month since the last one. I actually got most of this done in three days though (yeah!). I'd done basic sketches during lunch breaks for a while, but I did most of the drawing, scanning, correcting, printing, redrawing, outlining, re-scanning, priming, coloring, shading, and highlighting over the Thanksgiving weekend.

If I really am getting faster, I might be able to pull off the really cool Christmas and Valentines day comics I wanted to do as well as continuing this little story line I started 🙂

Fun Facts

  • Kraken is actually a very powerful monster for someone of Gale's level. Normally, someone like her would get smeared across the pavement by such a beast.
  • Gale's previous teammates reference her running away when things got heavy. This is very common among new people as is the poor spelling and the "shouting" (speaking only in uppercase).
  • Note that since comics are typically all done in uppercase all the time, I decided to represent "shouting" by drawing Gale's speech larger and more scratchy than everyone elses'.
  • Gale will be a recurring character in the comic because (for some reason) I really like her.


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  1. i have liked every single one of them. some of them i remember from when we were out East visiting you.

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