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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • Two of the basic character classes in City of Heroes are the Blaster and Defender. Blasters use long distance attacks that are very powerful, but have fairly weak defenses so they can get in over their heads pretty easily. Defenders aren't strong fighters, but have many control and buffing techniques (which often include heal techniques of one form or another).
  • Our pumpkin friend at the top is called a Fir Bolg and is one of the many creatures in City of Heroes.
  • This comic takes place in an in-game dance club and party room called Pocket D. It's a place where both villains and heroes can meet and talk (but not fight).

2006, Oct 29

I can't believe how long this took. I had the drawings done so fast, I thought it wouldn't be too long. Sheesh. I didn't track it, but I spent about 12 hours on it alone in just the last two days.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Fun Facts

  • The thief in the back is a Villain called a Stalker. Their signature attack is called the "Assassin Strike" (thus the joke with the Assassin Swipe).
  • In the second to last panel, Jordan is hitting pre-defined macro keys that new people often hit by accident or repeatedly. They are used for basic commmunication like "Ready!", "Run!", or "HELP!". Most experienced players never use any but "Ready!".
  • In the same panel, Jordan is talking about attacking a large group of enemies who all then attack her. In the game, it's very common for blasters (who have very powerful attacks that can hit multiple opponents at once) to get the attention and agression (called aggro) of the entire group at once causing their swift demise. The funniest part about this is that fire blasters (like Shazel) are the most prone to this phenomenon out of all blaster types.
  • The sign that Jordan is holding is the actual message shown when you are defeated in the game.
  • The very last panel has me in it because I didn't want to end the strip with an empty panel and couldn't think of what else to put there. I had already put so much time into this strip that I just reused some of the art from comic #1. Fortunately, I think it worked well, but people may wonder why I'm wearing a purple suit (see Comic #1)


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