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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • Nothing this time.

2011, March 5th

Granted there are no new catgirls involved, but as I was thinking of how to get Coffeecat into the comic, all the pieces in play came together to make this. I hope you enjoy it because I've decided to write a book and I may not have much time to make comics for a while.

I'm not saying I'm quitting because I don't really see that happening, but I'm not going to worry about any regularity anymore. They come when they come etc. I wish it were different, but the fact is that I don't make money from this and I need to stop being so lazy and work on something that does 🙂

Fun Facts

  • For the Catgirl week series, this will be the last time Sapphic will be seen (probably). If I do any more (and I probably will), there should be all new catgirls.


1 Comment to “Catgirl Week #4 – Cupid’s Arrow”

  1. LordXenophon says:

    Coffeecat usually calls it “fortnight coffee” when it’s too weak.

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