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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • When you get stunned in the game by an effect or power, some of your powers turn off (called detoggling or "dropping").

2010, Nov 14th

This should be the very last comic in Pocket D for quite a while. Time to get out into the open air 🙂

I realize it's been even longer than normal so take my standard rant about lack of time, whine, complain and multiply it a little. Of course, this time I have a good reason. Going Rogue! I blame it all on GR!

Fun Facts

  • This is Red Scout's third comic. It was only going to be a single cameo, but the character really works for what I need 🙂


1 Comment to “Into the Isles #3 – Banter”

  1. WHOO! Love being in the comic. XD

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