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Superscience Booster

<h4>Superscience Booster</h4><div style='font-size:9pt;'><jtag link='science-booster' write='REVIEW'/> | <a href=https://secure.ncsoft.com/cgi-bin/Store.pl?dnv=3397663196&action=viewItem&item_id=139'>BUY NOW</a></div>

Superscience Booster

A booster for all the mad scientists out there! Special (and very cool) emotes, costume change emotes, but not power per-se. Instead you get something that's VERY important for the role-players and obsessive character builders.

Costume Pieces

This set isn't as detailed as normal on Paragonwiki, but they do have a detailed listing of the costume pieces. For the most part, it's a few hair styles, science details like a series of googles, and a few lab coats that look like actual lab coats for a change.


My science mastermind likes to mix potions when he's standing around bored

Or work on some calculations.

Costume Change Emotes

Once Doctor Kev finally discovered the secret of restoring his site through the study of necromancy, he used that power to transform himself into a powerful undead being. He can see again, but can only retain that form for a while before the rot becomes a problem. Further study is needed.

Character Creator Modification!

Perhaps you noticed in that last video that Doctor Kev became taller after his transformation… Well he did! When you apply the Superscience Booster to your account, you are able to change height and sex when changing costumes. Check this out:

The roleplaying and just fun possibilities for this are endless 😀

Have you ever built a tall character only to find that they can't see at all in caves or enclosed areas? What if you created a second costume that was much shorter just for when wandering in those kinds of areas? See? It's practical too!

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