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Martial Arts Booster

<h4>Martial Booster</h4><div style='font-size:9pt;'><jtag link='martial-booster' write='REVIEW'/> | <a href=https://secure.ncsoft.com/cgi-bin/Store.pl?dnv=3397663196;action=viewItem;item_id=149'>BUY NOW</a></div>

Martial Booster

Made for the many ninjas, sword masters, samurais, and anime-types in the game, the Ninja Super Booster has many costume items and a great travel power!


You get masks, padded armors, swords, and other details that fit with ninja style and culture. Full listing at Paragon Wiki.




Costume Change Emotes

Two ninja-themed costume change emotes are included. I used them on my ninja-trained main comic character, Morgan 🙂

They are:

  • /cce 1 CCSmokeBomb
  • /cce 0 CCNinjaJump


The martial arts booster comes with the "ninja run" power. While you can't use this until level 2 or 3 (which is pretty disappointing), when activating this power, you run extremely fast and jump very high!

You can see from this video that Ninja Run increases jumping height by almost 30 feet and running speed by almost 20 mph! With this, you don't need any special jumping power or hover for superspeeders, you have a great replacement for sprint when trying to move around quickly in missions and neither sprint nor hurdle are necessary.

Granted, Ninja run uses a LOT of endurance so you'll want to toggle it on when necessary and off when not. However, it doesn't use much more than any other travel power and if you stack the run abilities of Ninja Run, Sprint, Swift along with some IO set enhancements or other powers that increase run speed, you can use Ninja Run instead of a traditional travel power (which is what I'm trying on this character).

Note on Role Play and Customization

Another thing to note is the ninja-like way she runs and jumps. It's very much like the Anime-style running that you'll see ninjas do and if you have a ninja character (which I have several), this not only helps with movement, but with realism.

Note on Aerial Control

While Ninja Run is active, you have improved aerial control even when using teleport (which tends to freeze you for a second between hops) and using the Jump Jet Pack from the GvE booster which has horrible vertical control. Used together, it nearly eliminates the downside to that particular power.


Most add-on packs should be judged by the strength of their power and if you judge Martial Arts in that fashion, it's a clear winner. Improved movement (and this clearly is) makes it worth the cost every time.

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