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Magic Super Booster

<h4>Magic Booster</h4><div style='font-size:9pt;'><jtag link='magic-booster' write='REVIEW'/> | <a href=https://secure.ncsoft.com/cgi-bin/Store.pl?dnv=3339313791&action=viewItem&item_id=89'>BUY NOW</a></div>

Magic Booster

Though I'm not a huge fan of the power you get with this booster, the other fun stuff makes up for it!

Costume Elements

This pack has magic themed stuff like high collars, bat wing themed suits, and such all of which can be seen in detail at Paragon wiki. But for an example, here's Shallanra in her mostly magic based costume:


Besides card tricks, this pack comes with several juggling emotes. Rubber balls, electricity, fire, etc. I really enjoyed adding these as "waiting" emotes to my various characters.

And of course since I have a WHOLE family of demon characters related to Shazel, they can all use the fire juggling emote which suits their theme perfectly.

Costume Change Emotes

Having exciting ways to change from a default costume to an alternate is always a bonus. For this particular costume change act of Gale's she needed TWO of the emotes from this pack:

Mystic Fortune Power

Mystic fortune isn't as desirable as a power because it's a team buff rather than anything you can use for yourself. If you team a lot, it's great or if you have multiple accounts, but otherwise, it's pretty blah.

Anyway, you fire some cards at someone and they get a random buff based on Tarot cards that lasts for 20 minutes. That's pretty much it. They can be very good buffs though so they shouldn't be knocked, it's only the fact you can't use it for yourself that makes me mark it down.

I forget what he got, but it increased his travel speed by a lot
I forget what he got, but it increased his travel speed by a lot

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