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City Of Heroes

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City of Heroes

So… obviously, I love this game. That's kind of the point of this whole site, the guides, the comic, the massive picture gallery… It's hard to narrow it down, but here's a short list:

  • CoH is great for Casual Gamers
  • CoH has the most extensive and varied Costume Creator of any MMO by far! Ninja pirate? Robot catgirl? Hulking plant-man? Yeah, you can do ALL that!
  • In this game, you don't have to wait for eons to get fast travel powers! You want to fly? Run faster than a speeding car? Jump over buildings? You can do it from level 14 (or even level 5 in some cases).
  • Be a SUPER HERO! Who didn't want to be a hero at some point in their life?
  • Great community – Most every player is helpful and friendly. There are some rude kids on one of the super-busy servers, but most are great.
  • Optional elements – If you don't want to craft items or PvP or team with anyone, you don't have to. The game is designed so you can experience most of the content and have just as much fun without engaging in anything you don't want to.
  • Endless possibilities! There are many different classes to choose from and tons of power sets to choose from for each character. Combined with the unique costumes, you can tweak and customize your hero to be pretty much exactly what you want them to be!
  • Play as a villain too! By buying this game, you get access to all City of Villains content too! Extra city zones, powers, and character types (especially the awesome Mastermind archetype).

This game is great for comic fans, artists, people who like to build and perfect their creations, and anyone who's a hero (or villain) at heart.

Jordan in her dark suit after fighting off an alien invasion with some other heroes
Jordan in her dark suit after fighting off an alien invasion with some other heroes
Doctor Kev and his horde of zombie pets!
Doctor Kev and his horde of zombie pets!
Create beastly villains!
Create beastly villains!
Create beautiful heroes
Create beautiful heroes

Note that the lace costume the girl is wearing comes with the Wedding Item Pack.

Awesome power customization

Gameplay that you can design!

The Going Rogue Update

There are so many different things we players have asked for that the Devs have added to the game, it makes you really proud to play this game. And yet, something is lacking… depth; reality. In the game, the missions, and especially the environment.

GR is the work they've been doing for years to give us exactly that! New powers, new stories, new environment, new mechanics. If you like the City, wait till you check out all the new content to be found in Going Rogue!

I mean, just look at these screenshots! The sewers and city look AMAZING! I've been begging for more realistic streets and buildings forever and now we see them delivered.

Dang! Check out the detail of this underground/sewer area!
Dang! Check out the detail of this underground/sewer area!
The city never looked so good!
The city never looked so good!


Great for solo or team play, characters that are VASTLY customizable. Gameplay mechanics that are fair and balanced for all players (old and new) that don't force you to a certain kind of play and don't require mindless grinding. Don't you think after all you've seen that you think you could at least give it a try?

Well? What are you waiting for!? Go and get it already!

Global name@Jordan Yen
Primary serverTriumph
Secondary serverVirtue
Global ChannelBattleclinic
Play scheduleErratic!

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