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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • We're back in Pocket D (sorry), but this is a wrapup from when Morgan stormed off in a previous comic.
  • If you haven't seen the first in this series, check it out here
  • This comic marks the return of an old friend. Check out his first appearance here

2010, May 09th

This comic is special for a bunch of different reasons. First, it's the first comic I've done with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I finally got tired of the goofy problems with Photoimpact and abandoned it. Though the learning curve was a little steep, I managed to pick up a lot of what I needed pretty fast. I'm optimistic that I can get comics done faster now since both of these tools are better than what I was using before!

That is, of course, assuming I can figure out why Photoshop won't recognize the pressure sensitivity of my tablet. I have to resize the brush over and over when drawing shadows (it's really stupid). Other than that though, it's great.

The second special thing about this comic is that it marks the start of the whole series I have planned for Morgan. I'm going to wander into the Rogue Isles and introduce a whole cast of villains. Future comics will be split between the two (Jordan's Town and Morgan's Alley).

Also, I'm pretty proud of the fact that I managed (somehow) to not only do two profiles, but a top-down pose of Morgan as well. If you're a real artist and can tell me all the things I did wrong or drew in the wrong proportions, don't say anything. For now I think it's cool. I'll beat myself up for it later; like in a year or two when I've improved on my own 🙂

Fun Facts

  • Red Scout is the character of a friend of mine who I put in the comic because he was perfect for a part I needed. He makes his comeback here doing what he does best: making inappropriate sexist comments to cute females.
  • Red has invulnerability which is why he is impervious to Morgan's wrath.

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