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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • If you didn't read the first in this series, go do it now.
  • Morgan is the kind of Stalker who has retractable blades that come from her hands/gloves.

2009, Feb 22nd

Interesting things going on. Because of the deal I'm looking at with Battleclinic.com, I might be able to play more AND keep up with my comic. Either way, the thought has me inspired to redesign the site and update all the guides.

I don't know how I'm going to manage that and stay sane, but I'm going to try 😛

Fun Facts

  • Either one or two more in this series. One more important character left to introduce.
  • Morgan is going to have a series of comics that center around her… but I'm not going to spoil any more about that yet 😀
  • Morgan is 2 years younger than Jordan (which makes her 14)
  • In the first panel, Morgan is "putting away" her cloak. In the game, she really does have a hooded cloak that she wears (check out my advanced costuming guide). You can't really take of a cloak and send it through a dark portal to storage, but I'm allowed some liberties…


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  1. that was great. it was amazing. I miss you guys terribly.

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