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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • Stalkers are a villain type that get invisibility as their first power. They're well known for sneaking up on people and hitting them with a powerful move called an "Assassin Strike" which can kill many heroes instantly. By the time you see them, it's usually too late.

2008, Aug 07

This one took a while, but I experimented with a lot of new things. I redesigned the eyes and drew them by hand instead of cutting and pasting them. Not only did it take less time than I thought, it looks a lot better.

I also learned a new trick in my editor program that made my work way easier (though it still took forever).

I also finally figured out how to draw in bottom lips and played with some more interesting paneling. Little by little, my comic is starting to look worthwhile 😀

Also, this marks my 20th comic! Wow. Over 3 years and that's all I've managed to do? Jeeze.

Fun Facts

  • Our stalker friend has been in two comics so far. Do you remember which?
  • Gale almost used steamy mist in an earlier comic. Do you remember which?
  • Shazel has a knack for knowing when stalkers are around (this one anyway). If you're paying very close attention and know something about Stalkers, you can probably guess how she knew this time.


5 Comments to “New Friends, Part 3 – Stokker”

  1. Remind me to help evacuate paragon city when gale hits 32 and gets her sonic “nova”. . .lol

  2. ack my mistake i forgot that she gets that at 38. . .32 will be bad enough when she gets her thunderstorm. maybe i could recomend gale seek out a new age teacher to help her control her emotions. . .though i would not wish that on any teacher.

  3. Nothing can contain the power of Gale… yet.

  4. knightwolf2kx says:

    I love this series. I was wondering what server are you on? I’m on infinity. My main toon is Overlord of Twilight. I am offline right now, work related, but I will be back online in the next two weeks. I would really like to meet you online and just talk, do a few mishes. “I secretely want my toon in your comic” =}

  5. I play mostly on Triumph, but have been branching a bit to Freedom as time permits. Would you be surprised to know that my global is “Jordan Yen”? No? Didn’t think so.

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