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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • YKYPTMCW = You Know You've Played Too Much CoH/V When…
  • In City of Heroes, a pet is a creature of some kind that helps you fight and can drastically increase your power and abilities once you get it. A common level for getting a pet is at level 32.
  • This series is based on the fact that sometimes when you've played City of Heroes/Villains (CoH/V) for a long time during a day, it can affect your thinking and dreaming.
  • In game, when someone levels, we say that they "Dinged" because of the bell like noise that accompanies… wait. It doesn't sound anything like a bell. Why do we call it that again?

2008, Aug 07

The first in the series of the "You know you've played too much CoH/V when…" I plan to do others eventually, but time for some more story ones first.

Fun Facts

  • Yes, I'll really be 32 this year. No my birthday isn't on the 7th.
  • My wife really IS grouchy when she hasn't had enough sleep. But who isn't really 😀
  • The bedroom background I've built for this comic is much nicer and cleaner than my real bedroom.
  • The baby can only say "Ma Ma" and "No" right now. That's not really relevant, but she's very, very cute 🙂


5 Comments to “YKYPTMCW – Level 32, Bay-Beee!”

  1. Happy B-Day! Great comic!

  2. Grymreapper says:

    heya finally read through all the comix, very good job. if you have not figured out who this is, by the name, and the email then i wonder about you. anyways. hope to see more. and the site is very usefull. 😀 anyways SYICOX (See You In City Of X)

  3. person who saw this at your house says:

    I still think its funny everytime i see it…. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!!! ^^ ^^ ^^

  4. juliaaaass says:

    hahah this one is still my favorite

  5. I’m enjoying going through these. It’s years late, but hope you had a great b-day. XD This comic made me laugh out loud. Great stuff.

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