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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • Warburg is one of the Player Versus Player zones in the game where you can fight other live players directly.
  • Madphinger is a Gameamp.com forum friend who is the self-proclaimed "King of PvP". Ok, not really, but he said he plays in PvP a lot and his name sounded nefarious so he won the right to appear in the comic (in name only this time :P)

2008, Mar 13

This comic incorporates so many of the things I've learned over the last year and a half or so that I've been doing this (only 16 comics so far? So pathetic!). Anyway, I'm using my graph tablet and hand shading everything using an airbrush tool. It's getting much faster as well!

You know, I originally started this whole thing partially for fun, but also because I very much wanted to increase my artistic skill and I knew that forcing myself to do a project of some kind (in this case, a webcomic) would do the trick. I'm no where near where I want to be, but it's clearly working. Check out this comparison of my wife from comic #1 and the current one:

Comparing my drawing skill after 16 comics
Comparing my drawing skill after 16 comics

Wow. I would be embarrassed by those early ones, but considering how much work I put into it and looking at the difference between the rough drawings and the final, it's not that bad. Either way, there's a clear improvement (IMHO). Here's hoping that by the time I get to comic #100 (if ever *sigh*) that I'm a drawing maverick!

Fun Facts

  • My wife doesn't actually have an iPhone. She doesn't get SMS messages about her auctions. But if she did, this would probably be pretty accurate 🙂
  • I still don't drink coffee. Let's just assume the drink is hot chocolate or something 😀
  • I don't actually PvP much (because I usually lose), but maybe I should give it a try the next time my account is active.


3 Comments to “We’re Not So Different”

  1. Phoenix Of Syrinx says:

    Wow, what you have done is amazing, please keep on doing it. I only wish this poor 16 year old could help fund it. Thank You!

    -@Phoenix of Syrinx-
    (Triumph server)

  2. You make such a big deal of not drinking coffee. Is there a specific reason you don’t drink coffee?

    • No reason in particular. I actually DO drink coffees fairly regularly now, but mostly the powdered stuff you can get from the machines that go “whirrr” at 7-11.

      Mostly it was a fun fact that I had only put them there for comedic effect 🙂

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