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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • I posted two comics at the same time. Make sure you see the previous one before reading this!

2007, Sept 02

So this is the completion… or is it? I'm entertaining the thought of continuing this, but who knows when that will be. There are several other stories and gags I have lined up besides whatever I will think about between now and then.

Of course, that all depends on when I find time to do more comics at all. *SIGH*

Fun Facts

  • I really put a lot of effort into that Jordan pic. Besides being really funny, I wanted to see how well I could draw someone. Other than my title pic up there (edit: Jul 2010; the one I was talking about isn't there anymore), this is the most effort I've put into a single drawing.
  • Wentworth's is where you go to get your wings, but there's an error in the implication this comic makes. The two kinds of wings shown are angelic and demonic. Those two kinds of wings are still only available as veteran rewards, not as invention pieces. Anyway, it wouldn't have been any fun otherwise.
  • Both Jordan and Shazel have wings in the game. As for Gale, I'm not sure if she'll ever get wings or not… (don't tell her!)

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