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Mayhem Mission

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A mayhem mission is where you enter an instance of a Paragon city zone and try to rob a bank. You have only 15 minutes to do it, but if you do, you get temporary powers which are actually very useful (particularly the ones from the level 5-10 and 11-15 that give temporary travel powers (see details at Paragonwiki)

To get a Mayhem mission (usually abbreviated as mayhem), you have to do a certain number of Paper missions. Once you have done the correct amount, you'll be unable to use the paper again until you talk to a broker (whichever one is named when you try the paper).

Unfortunately, no matter how much you've done for him, you'll have to walk all the way to him to get the option for the mayhem (apparently, they don't have cell phones). If you don't want to do it, you can decline and you can take paper missions again for a while.

If you accept, you can do the Mayhem which is the counterpart to the Heroes' SG. The advantage to the Mayhems is that there are badges to be had and you can get various temporary powers from completing them or the side-missions therein (details here).

Also note that while it's very, very annoying, you MUST return to the broker after completing an mayhem or he'll sit there like a wet turd taking up room in your missions list forever. Just go talk to him and he'll thank you and offer to introduce you to some new contacts (which is a great way to find new story arcs to follow if you otherwise ran out or outleveled the ones you had before).

Most every detail about the rewards and such for Mayhems can be found at Paragonwiki so I won't repeat that here. Instead, here are some gameplay tips:

Play Tips

Destroying stuff for time (Video: 0.0Mb)
Destroying stuff for time (Video: 0.0Mb)

Be careful since you have a timer immediately from entering the mission and have only 15 minutes to complete the robbery. However, you can earn time by destroying everything in sight (which is way fun by the way) which also eventually earns you a badge.

As you approach the bank and move around in the zone, every now and then, you'll see some NPC chat that says something like "Freeze Villains!". That's a signal that a Longbow ambush is heading your way. Generally it's best to hold up and wait for them because if you keep moving, several more ambushes could spawn quickly overwhelming you and your team.

That's a lot of longbow
That's a lot of longbow

One fun, but dangerous way to complete mayhems is to run straight to the bank first thing. If you do, be aware that several Longbow ambushes will be coming for you and will follow you into the bank. Generally, you want to enter the bank immediately then wait at the door. Clear all the Longbow as they enter and when they stop, continue the robbery.

To complete the mission, you have to fight all the way to the vault, destroy the door, grab the money, then defeat the random hero who spawns to stop you. After completion, you will earn a Mayhem reward (if you're in the right level range and haven't had it before) and can exit. However, there are a few reasons to stick around.

First, there is an exploration badge hidden in every Mayhem zone. If you get each badge for each mayhem, you get an accolade power. Second, you get more badges for destroying stuff and for doing Arson side missions. These badges are needed for a second accolade power.

Burn baby burn!
Burn baby burn!

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A newspaper is a special contact that allows you to get random missions that are always in the same zone as you are. While most are fairly generic, some are special missions (heists etc) that you can only get by doing paper missions. After doing several paper missions in a row, you will have the option of doing a mayhem mission

[Click for full description]

Safeguard Mission

Safeguard missions are the Hero equivalent of Villain mayhem missions. You will enter an outdoor instance of a city zone and protect it from vandals and bank robbers. [Click for full description]


Non-player character. Any character in the game that is controlled by computer code rather than a live player is an NPC.