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Seek Bind

A “seek bind” is used to find items, enemies, or anything else that you can target much faster. For example, if your targets are “crates” or have the word crate in their name, type this:

/bind f target_name crate

Then hit enter. Now as you run around, tap the F key. If the target item is within line of sight, no matter how dark or hidden behind other objects, it will be targeted.

One way to make this bind more useful is with another bind:

/bind t beginchat “/bind f target_name ”

What this does is allow me quick and easy access to change my bind. I press T and “/bind f target_name ” shows in my chat bar with my cursor at the end. Then all I have to do is enter the name (or partial name) of what I’m looking for and hit enter.

As I fly around, I tap the F key and my target lights up when it’s in line of sight

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