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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • I've wanted to do this one ever since wings first came out, but I missed the chance. Fortunately, with the Invention system and the introduction of wings to almost anyone, it's become relevant again!
  • Gale is sitting outside of Wentworth's, the store in City of Heroes where you can buy and sell various things. For example, wings! In other words, getting wings in city of heroes usually involves buying them, but that can be spendy. Most heroes can't afford wings right now, but they're getting easier to find over time.

2006, Sept 02

I'm definitely not meeting any kind of regularity on this. Of course, I'm posting two in one day so maybe that counts since it's been just over two months since the last one.

I'm highly skeptical that I'll be able to make another any time soon though. Some serious commitments are about to destroy all free time I might have had for a while. Oy.

Fun Facts

  • This comic was so big, I decided to split it into two. Good thing too. I made the panels too big in this one, but corrected it in the second. Anyway, enjoy!
  • Note that this is the first all airbrushed comic I've done (meaning I airbrushed all the characters). If you don't know what I mean, back up a few comics and look at the shading on the people.

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