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Jordan’s Dark/Dark/Dark (D3) Defender Guide

Last Modified: January 17, 2010

I made Jordan because someone swore that a D3 is the most fun character to play in the game. At first, I didn't think so, but it wasn't long until I began to see the challenge and uniqueness of the Dark/dark/dark defender. After all, Dark is unique to Defenders while most other powersets are shared.

The neat thing about a D3 is that they have some of the most powerful moves in the game as long as you can deal with their nature of needing a target to "feed" off of. Better yet, if you have played a WS, playing a D3 comes natural and vice-versa.

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Dark/Dark/Dark (D3) Defender

A D3 is a Defender that uses only dark powers for primary, secondary, and epic powersets. Jordan Yen (my main character both in game and in the comic) is one (see her in-depth guide here).


One of the two types of epic archetypes for heroes that you can only access after getting any of your characters to level 50. Once you achieve 50 on any server with any character, Kheldian archetypes are unlocked for all servers on the same account.