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Gale’s Level 32 Build Sample

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

Updated: I16

01: GaleCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement35%
01: ShriekCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement40%City of Heroes: damage enhancement80%City of Heroes: end_reduce enhancement40%City of Heroes: recharge enhancement22%
02: O2 BoostCity of Heroes: heal enhancement40%City of Heroes: end_reduce enhancement40%City of Heroes: recharge enhancement17%
04: HowlCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement40%City of Heroes: damage enhancement80%City of Heroes: end_reduce enhancement35%City of Heroes: range enhancement24%
06: HastenCity of Heroes: recharge enhancement69%
08: SwiftCity of Heroes: run enhancement34%
10: ShockwaveCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement22%City of Heroes: damage enhancement87%City of Heroes: end_reduce enhancement22%City of Heroes: range enhancement13%City of Heroes: recharge enhancement22%
12: Steamy MistCity of Heroes: end_reduce enhancement62%City of Heroes: def_buff enhancement34%City of Heroes: resist enhancement45%City of Heroes: recharge enhancement17%
14: Super SpeedCity of Heroes: run enhancement35%
16: Recall FriendCity of Heroes: recharge enhancement35%
18: Freezing RainCity of Heroes: recharge enhancement93%City of Heroes: def_debuff enhancement40%City of Heroes: end_reduce enhancement40%
20: HealthCity of Heroes: heal enhancement69%
22: Snow StormCity of Heroes: end_reduce enhancement85%City of Heroes: slow enhancement52%City of Heroes: recharge enhancement52%
24: StaminaCity of Heroes: end_mod enhancement69%
26: TornadoCity of Heroes: recharge enhancement89%City of Heroes: damage enhancement34%City of Heroes: def_debuff enhancement22%
26: HurricaneCity of Heroes: end_reduce enhancement74%City of Heroes: acc_debuff enhancement24%City of Heroes: recharge enhancement17%
28: Siren's SongCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement40%City of Heroes: recharge enhancement40%City of Heroes: sleep enhancement40%City of Heroes: range enhancement13%
32: Lightning StormCity of Heroes: recharge enhancement35%


When enemy groups are near a wall or corner, try this:

  1. Turn on hurricane.
  2. Before they see you, use Shockwave and Gale to knock everything back to the wall/corner.
  3. Use hurricane to push any remainders back and to pin the rest down.
  4. Use Freezing Rain. The enemies that have just gotten up will be further slowed and many will fall down.
  5. Start attacking. Use Shockwave, Howl, and Siren's Song to AoE them to death. Switch to single-target attacks once enough are gone.
  6. If high enough level, use Lightning Storm to add to your damage and keep them pinned (Tornado will NOT help here because it will toss people out of your controlling area.

In wide open areas:

  1. Target the toughest enemy or the one most centrally located. Use Freezing Rain. Many will fall down, but have a heal inspiration ready just in case.
  2. Use Snow Storm on the enemy you already targeted. This keeps them from running out of the storm.
  3. Use Hurricane and run around the room trying to push any that weren't in the rain into the rain and prevent escape. If you have a good handle on the range of Gale and Shockwave, you can use these powers to knock runners back into the crowd.
  4. Start attacking. Reapply Freezing Rain as needed.

Play Tips

Whenever facing a group that's extremely tough or too numerous, look for a door or corner. Stand just to the side so that as soon as they come through, they'll be debuffed by your hurricane before they can fire on you. Lightning storm and Tornado will keep them on their butts while dealing strong damage. If one gets too close or is blown where you don't want them, use Shockwave and Gale to deal with them.

Another note on Tornado, when fighting strong enemies like bosses or AVs, Tornado won't wander and will piledrive the bad guy constantly dealing damage while debuffing defense. Many people see Tornado and how chaotic it is and skip it, but that's a huge mistake.

While on teams, you won't want to use it because it will mess up people's nicely packed groups (and thus AoE damage), but when solo or when there aren't other little enemies around, fire away. Also note that for some types of missions, if all your tanks, scrappers etc. are focused on the AV and ignoring the minions, you can use Tornado and other powers to keep the squishies (yourself included) from being beaten too much.

While it may be tempting to not hit enemy groups with Snow Storm because of the endurance drain, remember that it's not just a slow power, but one that lowers enemy recharge rate too!

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