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Why Generic IOs Kick Butt

Last Modified: August 7, 2010

The following are advantages to ALL types of IOs
The following are advantages to ALL types of IOs

You Never Out-Level Them

With Training, Dual-Origin, or Single Origin enhancements, you can only use it if it's within 3 levels above or below you and the effectiveness of the enhancement varies depending on your level compared to its. Worst of all, after a few levels, you have to upgrade all your enhancements that have gotten too low level to be useful. It's a pain.

Red are too high or too low to use, yellow means it's getting stale.
Red are too high or too low to use, yellow means it's getting stale.

Check out this site for tons of information on standard enhancements, but here's the basic point:

Origin Level -4-3-2-1Your Level+1+2+3
Single Origin 0.00%-9.99%-6.66%-3.33% Base %+1.67%+3.33%+5%
Invention Origin (lvl 50) Base %Base %Base %Base % Base %Base %Base %Base %

For standard origins, origin type and your level determines it's power (where TOs have a base percentage of 8.33%, DOs have 16.67%, and SOs have 33.3%).

Note that there are two tiers of bonus depending on if the enhancement is Range, Damage Resistance, and Defense Buff (which use a lower value) or everything else (which use the numbers I gave here).

Alternatively, IOs give bonus based only on what level and type they are. The same IO at level 10 might only give 8%, but you'll get that 8% for as long as you want. Until you feel like upgrading or replacing it, it will still give you the same 8% bonus no matter what level you are.

They Are Cheaper Than SOs

There are badges for creating IOs so when high level badge-hunting types decide to get around to invention badges, they flood the market with low-level IOs.

Don't forget, buying enhancements from the market can be very cheap, but selling them there is usually a bad idea.

Granted, more useful IOs like accuracy or damage go pretty fast, but low level sleep, confuse, slow, or similar are generally around in great supply and are often cheaper than the comparable DO or SO from the stores.

Even better, it can be FAR cheaper to buy DOs and SOs from the market than the store as well. Correspondingly, this is why you DON'T want to sell DOs or SOs at the market when you can get more by selling it to a store or a trainer. And if you do, don't forget to sell the DO or SO at the right origin store for extra cash (Mutants don't want no stinking Magic enhancements and won't give you good money for them).

They're Stronger Than SOs

Through the levels, if you compare an IO with the available TO, DO, or SO, the IO is stronger. For example, a level 50 damage SO gives 33.3% bonus (assuming even level with you) while an IO gives 42.4%. The over-all enhancement strength is even higher if you count the multi-enhancing IOs (explained next)

They Save Slots

On of the problems with certain types of characters is having enough enhancement slots for everything you want to do. This is especially a problem with Kheldians.

But take the previous information and think about this: Because of ED the maximum you can enhance a power before you get only 5% or less benefit from further enhancements is about 95%. Therefore, with 3 SOs that give 33% each, any more than three SO's is completely wasted.

If you can live with 84.8% buff instead of 95%, you can save an enhancement slot everywhere you would normally have 3 SOs. Described visually:

95% EnhancementCity of Heroes: damage enhancementCity of Heroes: damage enhancementCity of Heroes: damage enhancement
85% EnhancementCity of Heroes: i_damage enhancementCity of Heroes: i_damage enhancement

If you are desperate for slots in other places, relax! You'll lose about 10% of your buff this way, but that's certainly acceptable in some circumstances when you consider having that extra enhancement slot for another power.

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Training Origin enhancements are the first enhancements you get for your powers. They can be used by any type of hero, are cheap and easy to get, but don't give very strong bonuses.


Dual Origin Enhancements. These are significantly more powerful than training enhancements and will work for two different origins (thus dual origin). For example, there are Magic/Mutation enhancements that anyone of either origin can use. A technology character would only benefit by selling a Mag/Mut DO.


Single Origin enhancements. The strongest type of enhancement you can get. Generally, a single SO enhancement increases a power's attribute by 33%.


Kheldians are an alien life form that merges with humans to create powerful heroes. In the game, they're a special type you can only play after getting at least one of your characters to level 50.

Enhancement Diversification

A controversial change released with Issue 6 where any more than 3 of the same type of enhancement in a power becomes useless. Though many people complained very loudly about the change, ED has forced people to get more creative with powers than slotting "1 accuracy and 5 damage" in every stinking attack.