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Last Modified: July 28, 2010

It's kind of depressing to find out that the character you've chosen to play has a critical flaw that makes it useless after many hours of play. You can spend some time researching, what AT to play, what kind of powers to take, and which city to start in.

The obvious first choice would be the game manual and it is good to read, but you will get better answers and more complete data online. While there are a wealth of guides and various sites online, forums are where the lifeless, unbathed play-masters reside. In the very essence of the game addict, they spend their nights playing and their days dodging work to help people like you learn about the game in forums.

Actually using forums is out of the realm of this guide, but they all work basically the same way (If you've used one, you shouldn't have any trouble with another). More useful than that is which forums to use. There are many good ones out there, but other than the official forums at http://boards.cityofheroes.com, I hang out at BattleClinic.com.

The official forums

The main City of Heroes forums/boards
The main City of Heroes forums/boards

The main boards at CoH/V can't be written to unless your account with PlayNC is active. That means that if you're like me and trying to do research before-hand or post information after canceling, you can't (though you can read what's already there or posted by others). The reason, they say, is that they can't keep disgruntled ex-players or juvenile weirdos from being a pain. Their solution, right or wrong was to ban all non-paying members from the forums, even if you previously had an account.

The second isn't really much of an issue anymore. Maybe the playerbase matured, but I don't find too much attitude in the forums like I used to. Moving on…

Problem three is that finding anything useful there is an artform. The search engine is dreadful in that it doesn't point you to relevant posts, but rather to each individuals response in a chain of 4000 responses in a single posting. After you limp away from your vain search, you can try to navigate using the menu system. However, the menu only goes two levels deep so the 30,000 posts for the Blaster at are all lumped together into an impossible 137 pages of topics containing 1300 total topics. Have fun browsing.

These numbers are real as of the day I wrote this part of the guide. Later, they will be larger.

You could just ask every question by starting a new topic, but inevitably, forum pros will insult your family, your honor, and your dog while pointing you to the previous post from two and a half years ago that answers the question.

Other forums

The Battleclinic.com forums
The Battleclinic.com forums

Granted the population of other forums won't be as large so there won't be as much information available and it may not even have a better search function, but there are still several advantages to other forums.

Originally I posted to a site called Gameamp.com (which has since shut down) and the people on the site are by nature, polite, patient, quick to respond, friendly, and very experienced. I posted in the forums for almost a month before playing and had great advice on a large number of topics. I made a point to make many of my new characters on the server that most Gameampers played on so I would have access to teaming with the people in the forums now and then. There's also an in-game chat channel that was started by Gameampers that you can use to ask questions of the forum posters in real time during the game (if anyone happens to be online). I've not once been given grief for posting any question even if it's one that's been asked before.

The Gameamp channel is called "gameamp.com" and is available from any server that you play. If a Gameamper is online, no matter what server or character they're playing on, they will see any messages posted to the channel. There is also an official gameamp SG/VG on the Triumph server (with several others run by Gameamp members on other servers).

Because Gameamp is gone, I spend most of my time in the Battleclinic forums, but the gameamp channel is still active. Because Battleclinic is my new second home, I also watch the Battleclinic.com channel in-game if you want to join and find me.


There's a large number of guides online and many of them are very good. I built my Dark/Regen scrapper based on the guide in the Main Forums (though it's sadly outdated now). Everything on this site counts as a guide as well. Finding them can be hard, but search engines will help as will people in the forums (who can point you to good guides that they've used). Guides often provide the most complete information on a topic and are my favorite, but can become outdated as more current issues become available.

Online References

Paragon Wiki
Paragon Wiki

There are a lot of good online references, but the best I know of is Paragon Wiki. It has a massive amount of information that grows all the time.

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Archetype. This refers to what character type your character is: blaster, defender, tank, etc.

Super Group/Villain Group

This is a group of heroes/villains who work together to build a secret base where they can build special items and such. Similar to what a guild would be in a different game I suppose.