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Last Modified: July 28, 2010

This part is useful before your first time playing, but especially in between play sessions. For example, for the month prior to playing again, I can re-plot out powers and enhancements to compensate for new rules or additional levels that I know I'll get on my lower characters. It gives me a bit of a game plan for what to do when my account goes active again.

Mids Hero Planner

Mid's Hero Planner
Mid's Hero Planner

There's a small learning curve, but wow! The amount of info it gives you is awesome. Check out this pic for Jordan's build. She has massive defenses and I can see how I'm going to use my invention sets to buff her max HP and damage potential.

I don't know how you'd even manage to plan out a character anymore without a robust planner like this unless you planned to ignore invention enhancements entirely (which would be a bad idea).

Suckerpunch's Online Planner

Suckerpunch's Online Build Planner
Suckerpunch's Online Build Planner

The primary advantage to this version is that as changes and improvements are made, they're instantly applied and you can access it from anywhere. If your work doesn't allow software installs, this could be a huge advantage.

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