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Shazel’s Story

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

Shazel - Fire/Fire Blaster
Shazel - Fire/Fire Blaster
Origin and AT:
Natural Blaster
Fire Blast, Fire Manipulation, Flame Mastery
18 Years old
Distinguishing Traits:
Horns. Tail. Hair is on fire
It's time for a barbeque!


Shazel is a demon princess. She'd never let her friends in Paragon City know, though, because having the great Hak-el-zul for a father is more of a burden than an honor as far as she is concerned. Being the only daughter of the lord of the realm meant she was kept hidden away in the palace under tight guard for as long as she could remember. Lord Zul couldn't hide his love and pride for her and that had made her a target among his enemies.

However, the tighter he squeezed, the more she rebelled. She was fire, not just in form and power, but in personality as well and Hak-el-zul found it hard to control her. After a particularly nasty spat, he had banished her to solitary confinement for a "decade or two to cool off".

Infuriated, she activated the technique she'd so carefully learned in secret from watching the palace shamans. In an instant she appeared in a dark underground chamber surrounded by confused looking humans in robes. The tallest one had stopped chanting mid-sentence to stare at her mouth gaping.

Coming out of the shock, he yelled, "A CHILD? You fools summoned a demon CHILD!?

That did it. If she wouldn't take lip from her own father, she sure as Zof wasn't going to take it from these creepy humans. Moments later, the lesser members had fled the room like flaming bats while Shazel busily tossed white-hot flares at their leader's feet. "Dance you pompous buffoon!" she growled.

Suddenly, a blue flash blasted her new toy across the room and a group of human heroes burst into the room weapons ready. She prepared to fight, but stopped cold when one asked, "Are you alright? Did they hurt you?"

Shazel paused for a moment, confused, until a wicked realization crossed her mind. These heroes though she was a captive. With a malicious twinkle in her eye and a sly smile, she said, "yes I'm fine, but can you get me out of here?"

From there, the heroes led her to Paragon City where she learned more about their world. It wasn't long before she was introduced to Hero Affairs and soon after began hero training. Shazel delighted in the thought of her father furiously trying to find her and someday discovering what she'd been doing all this time.

And the one thing she wouldn't admit even to herself; though she came to the human world to spite her oppressive father, she really liked the City of Heroes and the friends she found there.

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