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Last Modified: August 7, 2010

My build lets me take some amazing screenshots and Badge hunt very well
My build lets me take some amazing screenshots and Badge hunt very well

All your secondary effects reduce target accuracy so every time you hit something, you make it harder for them to hit you. Besides regular attacks, your secondary powerset has an AOE toggle debuff (Darkest Night) which is useful for a lot of different things. For this reason, you can lock down enemies in a hurry and fight in relative safety.

The most important reason to choose a D3 though is because it is ONLY a D3 Defender who has access to the Dark Blast and Dark Maisma pools. Most Defender primaries are shared with Controllers and most Defender secondaries are shared with Blasters. Dark is entirely your own (though that could change any time and Villains have access to the same powersets, though not both at the same time.)

Power Pool Recommendations

Read my Power Pools Guide for general information on the pools, but the following are D3 Defender specific issues with power pools.

Remember to check out Jeremy's Advanced Travel Guide for avoiding travel powers until later levels allowing you to get more regular powers first.

  • Fighting

    Waste of time for a D3. If you're desperate for the defensive bonuses later in this set (which you really don't need because you're destroying their accuracy), you'll have to take a worthless melee range power to do it.

  • Concealment

    You already have Shadow Fall which is group stealth and can't be used with any other stealth power so the only low level concealment power you can take is grant invisibility. Rather than grant invis, take recall friend and run to where you need everyone to be and TP them to you. Rather than Invisibility, get a stealth proc and turn on shadow fall and you have Invisibility without the restriction of only being able to have powers that affect yourself.

    In all, this seems like a pool you wouldn't have much use for.

  • Presence

    There are some clever ways to use this if you try hard enough. Challenge is a single target taunt which might be a great way to save your teammates when you don't have a tank or if the tank misses someone. Considering your strong ability to keep certain enemies from hitting you, this could be very useful.

    Provoke, I would avoid like the plague since you have no reason on earth to taunt whole groups of enemies. Bad, bad idea. ("Hey everyone! Come attack the squishy little Defender!" sure…)

    Intimidate is a single target fear effect which can stack with your existing fearsome stare (which is only Mag 2 while Intimidate Mag 3).

    Invoke panic is an AOE fear which can be useful to lock down groups while your Fearsome Stare recharges, in combo with Fearsome Stare, in case you DIDN'T take Fearsome Stare, and as a concept just to add additional fear powers.

    If you want to try something unusual, this could be just the thing.

  • Medicine

    Possibly useful. Each power warns that it can be interrupted, but in a large battle that's going right, you won't have anyone's attention anyway and should be able to use these fine. Use of this pool really comes down to how you want to play your character. I personally saw little point in using powers that I mostly already had in another form (and more powerful).

    The one defining reason to take this set is when using a second build. While many characters use their second build for PvP, I ended up using mine for an "ultra teambot". Jordan has all the leadership and extra heals and a rez from the medicine pool for better support during TFs or just long teaming sessions.

  • Leadership

    Though I never took a leadership power because I had too many other powers I wanted to take and I didn't want more drains on my endurance, D3's work well with leadership. This is because you have to stay close to your team members for heals anyway so you'll be in range for your leadership powers to help where another Defender build might operate more at range.

    Also, Defenders get the most benefit from Leadership powers. I never fit it into my build, but I did use it in my second build as I just described. Since I Dual Account, Jordan can just follow me and buff me by her very presence.

  • Teleportation

    For a D3, the teleport power that you definitely want is Recall Friend. This lets you pull slow teammates to the mission or zone entrances quickly. It also allows you to pull a team mate who's in trouble out of battle or pile dead bodies on top of each other for a killer full team resurrect with Howling Twilight. Lastly, you can sneak to the end of a mission (if you have Shadow Fall and Super Speed) and bring all your allies to you so you can finish "Kill Boss" missions quickly and easily.

    If you really like Teleport, maybe you could take it as your travel power, but my D3 is my main badge hunter and Fly is much better for that. I also use her for screenshots (also best with Fly), and scouting in general (Fly again).

  • Fitness

    You need this, take it. As to which of Swift or Hurdle, it depends on which travel power you take. If you took fly like I recommend, Swift is better because it can be slotted for fly.

    Note that it's possible to go without Stamina on some builds and Defenders are a good example due to the endurance bonus they get while teaming, but I can say that I use Stamina on Jordan's build so I can activate any and all powers with little to no pause.

  • Speed

    D3's have powers that take a long time to recharge. Having Hasten and firing it off pretty much every time it comes up keeps your Howling Twilight and Tar Patch available at the start of most battles. It's also useful when you need to Recall Friend the whole team.

    I had it when I was still using Super Speed for Invisibility reasons, but now that I have stealth procs I dropped Hasten and SS to take more powers from my primary set. I've made up a lot of the recharge difference with set bonuses and haven't really missed it.

  • Leaping

  • As a squishy character, Super Jump is a risky power to take because you can land in the middle of a group of enemies and get killed very quickly. Granted, if you choose to have some form of invisibility, this is less of an issue, but I still find Fly to be superior.

  • Fly

    Fly is my favorite travel power
    Fly is my favorite travel power
  • Fly may be slow, but I've already got Swift from the Fitness pool which will speed it up slightly. It also gives me safe travel, some protection from knockback/knockdown/knockup/ground-based slow effects and it's the best power for badge hunting so if you are building a badge-er, Fly will be your best bet.

Inherent Powers

Note that in every build, this is my slotting for the three default powers. As a Defender, you won't be close enough to brawl except possible in some situations in the early levels, Sprint is an endurance drain and you don't need it once you get a real travel power (unless you put a Stealth IO in it as I often do), and you will use Rest less and less through the levels so there's not much point in taking the trouble (and money) to slot these.

01: BrawlCity of Heroes: empty enhancement01
01: SprintCity of Heroes: empty enhancement01
02: RestCity of Heroes: empty enhancement02
Vigilance on your Power Effects bar
Vigilance on your Power Effects bar

As for your Archetype power, Defenders get Vigilance. With Vigilance, your powers cost less endurance as your teammates lose life. This is useful because you can have a lot of teammates and any one of them that's skirting death will give you the bonus (theoretically). The idea is that in a pinch, you can go crazy launching powers to try and save your team.

If you team a lot, it's this ability that can make it possible for you to skip the Fitness pool.

And as I said before, the new version (as of Issue 17) of Vigilance will increase your attack power when solo which will go a long way to making your alone time more productive and fun.

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