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Character Generation Intro

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

It's widely accepted that CoH/V has the best character generation engine of any MMO. Use it to make the perfect character to suit your personality and playstyle.

Spend some time thinking about what kind of character you want to play. I've noticed that many people have a great fondness for their first characters while others are Altoholics. Either way, the attachment and fun that people have in CoH/V is often directly related to how much effort is put in to the character's design and story.

Right now, you can plan everything out about your character except for their exact look because the character creation engine is not available until your account is active.

The Devs have been harassed for a long time by myself and others to allow the character generation function to be accessed before activating an account. Their reason (as I understand) for not doing this is because people will make characters that look like copyrighted characters. Well, they either will or won't and having an active account or not has no bearing on it.

First of all, people who have never played are typically reeled in by the character generator. It's how I became interested and it's how I got a friend interested. Secondly, people like me who have played before get really excited about starting up again because of a character design I thought of. Being able to fully build that character offline would give me great encouragement to reactivate.

Anyway, that's what they decided and while I disagree with that decision, out of respect, I will not tell you about the "city of heroes korean character creator" which was leaked out over the Internet a while back. It's fairly old anyway which means it doesn't include a lot of the newer costume pieces and such so I won't mention it. The Korean character creator that is.

Some of my many heroes and villains
Some of my many heroes and villains

The normal method versus a "theme"

Typically, character generation goes from server selection to Origin, Archetype, powers, character design, story/name/battle cry, and starting city. However, there's no such thing as an order to creating a hero. Some start by picking the powers. Others by the sex. Still others think of a great name and build a theme entirely around that. The key to making a character that you will enjoy playing and showing off to others is to put some time and effort into it. But first, let's explain what Origin and Archetypes are.

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CoH/V is shorthand for "CoH or CoV" (or more simply, it means either City of Heroes, City of Villians or both)

Massive Multiplayer Online

Refers to games such as Everquest, World of Warcraft and City of Heroes that are designed for online play with other live people. The key difference between this and online games such as Yahoo games is that there are anywhere from tens to hundreds of people playing together and collaboratively in the same virtual environment at the same time.


A person who is addicted to creating new characters. They will usually level them as far as the mid 20's at most before building a new character to play instead.


Developers. The game designers.


Origin refers to the method your hero/villain got their powers. Click the link for more details:


Archetype is the choice of the type of hero/villain you will play. This determines your inherent toughness, power, and what Powersets will be available to you.