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Character Creation – Wrap Up

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

Just a few more things before your character is complete and playable:


Choosing a server
Choosing a server

There are several servers to choose from when creating a new character. All have heroic names such as Triumph, Liberty, Justice, etc. Once you have created a character on a server, they cannot be moved (ok, as of I11 or 12, you can, but you have to pay money to move them), but you can create up to 14 (I think that's right…) characters per server (also recently changed, but again, you pay money for more slots on the same server).

Most people don't put much thought into which server to play on, but you will find that taking some time to choose a server will benefit you. For example, most of my characters are on the Triumph server because that's where a lot of my forum friends at the time played. I wanted to be where I could team with the awesome people I'd been talking to in the forums and I did a few times. Since I knew they were all patient and experience players, the teams went well.

You can have 14 total heroes or villains per server
You can have 14 total heroes or villains per server

Some servers are busier than others. Freedom and Virtue tend to have high use compared to most others which is why I've avoided them in the past, but recently, I've been rethinking that. Some of the best fun in the game is seeing the other creative characters others come up with and running into random heroes while you play. Plus, it's easier to put together teams and TFs when there are a lot of people around. Just watch out for Lag issues if your computer or Internet connection are slow.

City Selection

Outbreak. The tutorial zone
Outbreak. The tutorial zone

You should have everything you need for creating your character now. The last thing you'll be asked is if you want to enter the tutorial zone (if you are brand new to the game, doing so is a good idea, but otherwise, it's kind of a waste of time), and then which city to start in, Galaxy or Atlas.

Starting City

You can choose one of two cities to start in, Galaxy City or Atlas Park. There are some good reasons to go to each.


Galaxy City
Galaxy City
  • Galaxy is flatter than Atlas so it's easier to get around. Atlas has a bunch of high walls so you can get stuck which is a real problem when you have no travel power of any kind.
  • It's directly connected to Kings Row which is the lowest level zone where you can get a scanner for SGs. Of course, you can just take the train to get there too.
  • If you like to hang out in Perez Park, but you don't want to fight Hellions, the entrance to Perez from Galaxy is where the Skulls hang out.
  • If you are playing a WS, your contact is in Galaxy so it makes sense to start there.
  • There are generally less people in Galaxy so if you have trouble with lag, it's better to start there.


Atlas City
Atlas City
  • There are more people around so if you like to have a bunch of people for low level teams, you'll have better luck here.
  • Atlas has a Sewer Entrance. Many people use the Sewers to very quickly go up to level 6-10 or so since they're full of large enemy groups leading gradually from level 3 to level 10 or so. It's very common in Atlas to hear broadcasts for "Sewer team forming!" or such.
  • Atlas is directly connected to four zones one of which is the Hollows. This matters because one of your early contacts is sure to send you there on an Introduction Mission.
  • If you are playing a PB, your contact is in Atlas so it makes sense to start there.


You have now built a character in City of Heroes. Enjoy playing and remember, if you like the powers, but made some bad choices as you level, you can Repec out of them later (don't create a new character from scratch like I did). If you decide that the costume isn't as good as you wanted, by level 14 or so, you can take a mission that will allow you to create alternate costumes or permanent modifications to your current one. As of issue 13, you can change anything but sex, height and build (and as of the Superscience Booster, you can change those too :)).

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Task Force. Certain contacts give task forces and each requires a certain minimum amount of players to begin. They consists of a series of missions or tasks while you follow a small story plot.

They are typically excellent experience and let you see some places in the game you'd never get to otherwise.


Lag is the delay caused due to there being too much information for either your Internet connection or computer to handle. This causes the graphics to jump around while the game tries to account for the gaps in data. It can be very frustrating and possibly cause you to end up getting killed (in game) due to not being able to accurately use your powers or know your position.

Galaxy City

Galaxy City is one of the two starting zones of City of Heroes. It's flatter and easier to navigate than Atlas, but not as popular a starting place because of the access to the sewers in Atlas (where people can form low-level teams and go up several levels very rapidly).

Super Group/Villain Group

This is a group of heroes/villains who work together to build a secret base where they can build special items and such. Similar to what a guild would be in a different game I suppose.

Atlas Park

Atlas Park - One of the two starting areas for heroes. Generally the more popular of the two because it has access to the sewers where people can quickly level to 10 after creating their character.

Because it's not very flat, travel in Atlas can be a pain at early levels so if you want to follow story arcs, Galaxy might be better. However, if you are playing a Peacebringer, your special contact is in Atlas so that's another good reason to start there.

Also noted for having the city representative who is the source for missions that unlock capes and auras for costumes and also the Super Group registration.

Police Band Scanner

The police band scanner (a.k.a "radio") is a special contact that allows you to pick up random missions from anywhere in your current zone. While the missions are one-shots, they can be retrieved quickly which is good for teams and allow you to do Safeguard missions. [Click for full description]

Kings Row

Kings Row is a zone mostly full of industrial areas and apartment buildings. It's the first zone that you can get a Radio.

Safeguard Mission

Safeguard missions are the Hero equivalent of Villain mayhem missions. You will enter an outdoor instance of a city zone and protect it from vandals and bank robbers. [Click for full description]

Perez Park

Perez Park is a hazard zone. This means there are no trainers, stores, or anything else for that matter other than bunches of enemies of various kinds. It's a great zone for badge hunting and screenshots.


One of the two types of epic archetypes for heroes that you can only access after getting any of your characters to level 50. Once you achieve 50 on any server with any character, Kheldian archetypes are unlocked for all servers on the same account.


Short for Peacebringer, one of the two Kheldan archetypes.


Character Respecification. Getting one of these allows you to relevel your character from level 1 to your current level instantly. You can choose all new powers and slotting choices (though you have to stick with the same primary and secondary power choices. You get these typically after new Issues or from the Respec Trials which are basically task forces with a respec as the award.