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April 3, 2009

2009.04.03 19:35:11:83 CityOfHeroes

2009.04.03 19:35:11:83 CityOfHeroes
2009.04.03 19:35:11:83 CityOfHeroes

2009.04.03 19:35:05:44 CityOfHeroes

2009.04.03 19:35:05:44 CityOfHeroes
2009.04.03 19:35:05:44 CityOfHeroes

April 1, 2009

Jordan Yang’s Peacebringer Guide

Filed under: City of Heroes,Guides,Kheldians — Jeremy

Yang is the light Kheldian and has the property of being a straight-forward character to play. She's like a mix of a scrapper and a blaster so she's both tough and powerful. Oddly, I found that less interesting than most of my other characters, but I've faithfully powered her up as well just to be able to balance out the guides and try everything 🙂

Jordan Yins’s Warshade Guide

Filed under: City of Heroes,Guides,Kheldians — Jeremy

Yin is my dark Kheldian and works very much like a really tough Dark Defender (yeah!). She was a natural move for me after getting Jordan to 50 and I really have a lot of fun playing her. Like with Jordan, I wanted to play the Warshade first because it's more original and less often played.

I knew that with time, I'd be able to find the unique properties that others may not have seen and I wasn't disappointing.

Jordan’s Kheldian Guide

Filed under: City of Heroes,Guides,Kheldians — Jeremy

Kheldians are the special character type you can only play after getting at least one of your Heroes to level 50. They have some unique properties and can be some of the most fun and versatile heroes you'll ever play.

Their defining characteristic is the ability to form shift into a flying blaster or a ground-based tanker-thing. But the best trait of all is that they have a travel power from level 1! However, there are some unique challenges (read: void) that you'll need to know how to deal with.

Screaming Gale’s Storm/Sonic Defender Guide

Filed under: City of Heroes,Defenders,Guides — Jeremy

Gale was designed with a concept in mind. I've always loved the Storm Summoning Powerset and Sonic seemed like a good combo. With the name Screaming Gale, it was perfect.

Her builds are based around her idea in that there are some powers many might skip just because they're hard to play or unpopular (gale for example), but I'm taking powers for fun here. She's got all kinds of Knockback and choas-inducing powers. Sure it makes her more challenging to play, but then again, you can do things many people wouldn't expect (not to mention you're a maverick in the Repec trials.

Shazel’s Fire/Fire/Fire Blaster Guide

Filed under: Blasters,Guides — Jeremy

I think the concept for Shazel came purely from wanting to build a Fire/Fire blaster (which is the purest damage dealer in the game). I'm big on concept characters so I made her as fiery looking and fire based as I could. The costume sealed the deal and I started playing my first Blaster ever.

It really was kind of a relief to be able to play on a team and not worry about watching other people's life points and Buffs and Debuffs etc, etc. A Fire Blaster's job is pretty much just to damage everything and do it in a spectacular way (and she does).

Jordan’s Dark/Dark/Dark (D3) Defender Guide

Filed under: Defenders,Guides — Jeremy

I made Jordan because someone swore that a D3 is the most fun character to play in the game. At first, I didn't think so, but it wasn't long until I began to see the challenge and uniqueness of the Dark/dark/dark defender. After all, Dark is unique to Defenders while most other powersets are shared.

The neat thing about a D3 is that they have some of the most powerful moves in the game as long as you can deal with their nature of needing a target to "feed" off of. Better yet, if you have played a WS, playing a D3 comes natural and vice-versa.

March 28, 2009

2009.03.28 17:58:07:73 CityOfHeroes

2009.03.28 17:58:07:73 CityOfHeroes
2009.03.28 17:58:07:73 CityOfHeroes

2009.03.28 17:58:04:62 CityOfHeroes

2009.03.28 17:58:04:62 CityOfHeroes
2009.03.28 17:58:04:62 CityOfHeroes

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Void Hunter. Dark Black nasty things that are specially designed enemies for killing Kheldans


A power set is a set of powers (imagine that) that are available to a given hero. They come as Primary or Secondary powersets and consist of a series of powers that are related to each other and the hero type involved. For example, Dark Blast and Gloom are both attacks in the Dark Blast powerset for Defenders.


Referring to effects that send foes flying. These powers need to be used carefully as a very common strategy for battles is to get the enemies to group close together which you can undo in a hurry with a single knockback power.


Character Respecification. Getting one of these allows you to relevel your character from level 1 to your current level instantly. You can choose all new powers and slotting choices (though you have to stick with the same primary and secondary power choices. You get these typically after new Issues or from the Respec Trials which are basically task forces with a respec as the award.


To heighten or make greater. For example, a defense buff would increase your defense.


To lower something. Accuracy debuff would be a power or effect that lowers accuracy for example.

Dark/Dark/Dark (D3) Defender

A D3 is a Defender that uses only dark powers for primary, secondary, and epic powersets. Jordan Yen (my main character both in game and in the comic) is one (see her in-depth guide here).


One of the two types of epic archetypes for heroes that you can only access after getting any of your characters to level 50. Once you achieve 50 on any server with any character, Kheldian archetypes are unlocked for all servers on the same account.