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Catgirl Week #4 - Cupid's Arrow



I have over 16 years worth of timecards to give away so check out the contest over here!


Comic 32 finished!

Some stuff to look forward to:

  • I entered into the recent billboard contest a while ago. Avatea asked for us not to show the entries off until the contest was complete so I guess I wait (sigh). When we're allowed, I'll post it here.
  • I was already 90% done with a different comic entirely when I realized it would make a great Valentine's comic instead. That and I really wanted to do this Going Rogue comic (which came together really fast anyway). That means the next comic should be done soon... SHOULD.


New art today!

Along with the new comic posted here I managed to finally finish one of the art pieces I promised people way back in May!

It's great to cross these things off my list, but now it's time to look towards comic 32 :)


Just a quick update:

Work is coming along quickly for #31. The artwork for 32 is done and 33 is in the works. I've nearly finished my last custom art for the contest winners way back in MAY!

It's my sincere hope to have a bunch of new things ready very soon! Both to make up for the last two months of inactivity, but also so I can spend some time playing with I19!


Well now. Sure seems like I've been hibernating a little too long, but I guess it's only been two months... Ok, that IS too long.

I already have some new artwork and another comic in the works, it's just a matter of sliding it in with the upcoming holidays, work schedule and such.

For now, if you haven't seen the news about issue 19, good god get going! It's going to be GREAT :D

Issue 19 announcement on BC

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