Forced RFID Implants Lead to Dog’s Death

Apparently, someone had enough money to spread around to get a law passed in California forcing dog owners to have their pets chipped. Though no one's sure why, at least one pet has died due the procedure. The sad part is that the owner was against the chipping, but was faced with fines and jail […]

RFID Passports Clones From Moving Car

Using inexpensive off-the-shelf components, an information security expert has built a mobile platform that can clone large numbers of the unique electronic identifiers used in US passport cards and next generation drivers licenses. The $250 proof-of-concept device – which researcher Chris Paget built in his spare time – operates out of his vehicle and contains […]

New York Second State Dumb Enough to Put RFID In Licenses

When will people ever learn? The optional license will include a picture and radio frequency identification tag that can be scanned to verify a person's identity. The tag will not contain any personal information – only an assigned number, authorities said. How reassuring. So they won't be able to take my data from it, but […]

China Puts RFID Chips In Olympic Tickets

This should be interesting. If China didn't take some serious precautions when implementing RFID for their tickets, we should be hearing any day now about people who remotely cloned someone else's ticket and got into the game denying access to the others. Or, since passport information is stored on the ticket as well, someone with […]

RFID Passports Allow Remote ID of Holder’s Nationality

Well flipping duh. Most newly issued passports carry an embedded RFID containing digitally signed biometric information. Access to this chip is wireless, which introduces a security risk, the possibility that an attacker might be able to access data on a person’s passport without the owner knowing. It's this reason that putting RFID in passports was […]

Washington State Passes RFID Privacy Law

Washington state passed an anti-RFID law that's unfortunately far weaker than it should be. The Washington legislation outlaws the use of RFID "spy technologies" to collect consumer information without the owner's consent. The only problem is, heavy corporate lobbying narrowed the scope of the law (before Governor Gregoire signed it) to cover only criminal acts […]

Spychips Author Sets Record Straight on Cancer-Causing RFID Implants

Caspian just released a paper documenting the research showing the causal link between RFID implants and cancer in lab animals. The reason they issued this report is because of the recent news press about the issue. They wrote and issued this report because "a lot of misinformation about the cancer research has circulated since [the […]

Walmart’s Failed RFID Plan

Because Walmart isn't addressing the privacy concerns with rfid, I can't help but cheer when I hear their efforts to get RFID into all their products has failed. Wal-Mart's change of plan demonstrates the need for retailers and suppliers alike to tread carefully with RFID. As retailers such as Best Buy have observed, widespread adoption […]

Ask for Non-RFID Credit Cards

The Consumerist reports that one of their readers asked for a non-RFID credit card from American Express. Granted, they only disabled contactless transactions in their database and did not issue him a spychip-free card, but one of the commenters said that they were able to do so with Washington Mutual. It never hurts to ask, […]

RFID Implants May Be Linked to Cancer

From the Washington Post: When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved implanting microchips in humans, the manufacturer said it would save lives, letting doctors scan the tiny transponders to access patients' medical records almost instantly. The FDA found "reasonable assurance" the device was safe, and a sub-agency even called it one of 2005's top […]

California the Smartest State Ever? Bans RFID in Workers

First they banned rfid tagging of school kids. Now they're fully banning forced RFID implantation of workers. Tackling a dilemma right out of a science fiction novel, the state Senate passed legislation Thursday that would bar employers from requiring workers to have identification devices implanted under their skin. Well let's hear it for common sense. […]