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List of Watch Lists

List of post 9/11 watch lists.

Watch out for TIDE:

Likely to have the name of anyone who ever called anyone who ever called Al Qaeda.

That's just funny. And this one:

Name: No-Fly and Selectee Lists

Details: Being on the TSA's no-fly list grounds you, while the Selectee list gets your bags pawed through.

Who's Listed?: Likely to include someone named Bob Johnson, and Edward "Not the Senator" Kennedy.

It must be nice to be a senator so you can get your name immediately removed from these lists. Too bad for the rest of us.

(H/T to Schneier for the link)

Bush “Horrified” by Virgina Tech Shooting?

Why does this headline make me so mad? Bush is horrified? Is he horrified at all the lives lost in Iraq due to mismanagement and political posturing? Is he horrified that the system of surveillance and governement power that he has implemented has already been turned on innocent non-terrorists?

If anyone's horrified, it's Bush Sr. This poor man has to watch his son make mistake after mistake while taking America down with him.

Spy Chief Trying to EXPAND Surveillance Powers

For the love of dirt! They're trying to get even more power and less oversight? And I thought this Mike guy was doing such a good job so far. Here's one that caught my eye:

Give telecommunications companies immunity from civil liability for their cooperation with Bush's terrorist surveillance program. Pending lawsuits against companies including Verizon and AT&T allege they violated privacy laws by giving phone records to the NSA for the program.

LIKE BLOODY HELL! When the government breaks the law and businesses go along with it, they should be held accountable. Duh!


White House “Lost” E-mails – Evade Recordkeeping?

I wonder how much stuff like this needs to happen before congress wakes up and actually does something about Bush?

This is a big problem for the White House, and Waxman said it raised ’serious legal and security concerns’ about the e-mail related activities of Bush administration aides.

Waxman’s staff are supposed to meet with RNC officials on Thursday about the “rnchq ? and “gwb.43″ e-mail accounts, which some White House officials, like Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, use for authorized political work. Waxman suspects that White House aides were using the accounts to evade presidential record-keeping requirements.

House Committee Bans the “War on Terror” Catchphrase

The "War on Terror" is political spin initiated by President Bush to justify using "wartime" powers indefinitely. Just like the "War on Drugs", the war on terror will never end.

Nobody disagrees to giving a little leeway to our commander in chief during a clear and present need, but that's the point: a war on terror that lasts an indefinite amount of time is neither clear, nor present.

It's about danged time that someone in a high position finally dropped this marketing ploy where it belongs.

President Can Decide Who Is Enemy – Hold Them Without Trial Forever

Public Citizen reports:

A new law enacted last fall denies a fair hearing or hardly any hope of release to those confined at Guantanamo naval base, and to other non-citizens labeled “enemy combatants ? – simply on the president’s say-so. The Military Commissions Act of 2006 (or MCA) denies these individuals the most fundamental of protections – the writ of habeas corpus – which requires the government to justify to the court why it is depriving a detainee of his liberty.

Public Citizen has a web petition going here. Please let everyone know!

I mean COME ON! Like we don't have enough evidence that we can't trust the President with our lives and safety? Now we're going to let him point a finger and blow someone off the face of the map? Who will he strike first? I'm thinking those reporters who keep publishing embarassing data come to mind. Maybe some of the members of the ACLU and the EFF who keep bringing up his various breaches of law. Maybe it will be some poor blogger who happens to tick him off… uh…

On second thought, nevermind. Bush is a GREAT president and we all love him!

Bush Wants Aides to Testify Privately and Not Under Oath – Read: Allow Them To Lie

In Short

A defiant President Bush [is there any other kind?:JD] warned Democrats Tuesday to accept his offer to have top aides testify about the firings of federal prosecutors only privately and not under oath or risk a constitutional showdown from which he would not back down

The Response

Democrats' response to his proposal was swift and firm: They said they would start authorizing subpoenas as soon as Wednesday for the White House aides.

Heck Yeah! Finally, congress starts to put its foot down. Now if they'd only lift it up to boot him out of office…

(H/T to Digg)

FBI Learned Well From Bush – Illegally Circumvents Subpeonas

According to the Washington Post, the FBI issued thousands of national security letters many without any clear ties to "emergencies" or current investigations.

Referring to the exigent circumstance letters, Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote in a letter Friday to Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine: "It is . . . difficult to imagine why there should not have been swift and severe consequences for anyone who knowingly signed . . . a letter containing false statements. Anyone at the FBI who knew about that kind of wrongdoing had an obligation to put a stop to it and report it immediately."

No kidding. What I don't get is why everyone is saying that the "FBI's use of the exigency letters "circumvented" the law" rather than just say "They broke the law and many of the buggers are going to jail".

Idaho Tells REAL ID Act to Shove Off

Idaho has joined a growing trend of states that are flat out telling the federal government to jump off a cliff. The REAL ID act has been attacked by privacy organizations for being a national ID card which will have far reaching implications to personal freedom. Not only that, but implementation of the system is extremely expensive and each state is supposed to pay for it.

FBI Abuses Power – Accountability No Where In Sight

Bruce Shneier says it better, with more sources, but the FBI is abusing it's powers to circumvent the subpeona process.

The Justice Department's inspector general has prepared a scathing report criticizing how the F.B.I. uses a form of administrative subpoena to obtain thousands of telephone, business and financial records without prior judicial approval.

Hmm.. private data without a warrant, where have we heard that before?

Presidential Privacy Board Clears The President of Wrong-Doing – Go Figure

In a move that's sure to shock every child under the age of 6, Bush's privacy board cleared him of any privacy invasion.

Civil liberties groups who've advocated that the board be separated from the executive branch and given real subpoena power are unlikely to be satisfied with the board's findings. Congressional Democrats have already expressed disdain for the new report, and they're moving to strengthen the board's oversight capabilities.

Of course, if the people on the board are loyal to Bush then they'll have to be replaced as well or separation won't matter.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission Crippled by Bush

According to Consumer Affairs, because Bush hasn't bothered to nominate a necessary third commissioner to replace the one who left suddenly to become a lobbyist.

Besides being unable to enact new rules, the two-member commission is also powerless to levy fines against producers of dangerous products. Cynics say the Bush Administration is paying back its friends in the ATV/snowmobile business by hogtying the commission.

No Fly List Bites American Airlines in the Butt

Public Citizen reports one of their recent victories against American Airlines on behalf of John Cerqueira, who was denied the right to ly after airline authorities thought he might be "Arab, Middle Eastern or South Asian descent".

$400,000 dollars is a small price to pay for taking away an American's freedoms. The airlines and the TSA better figure that out in a hurry.

Consumer’s Guide to the State of the Union Address

Another neat nugget from Public Citizen: A consumer's translation of the Bush's Speech.

After seven years of State of the Union addresses from the Bush administration, the American public has learned that President Bush’s policy recommendations are often based on misinformation. As such, Public Citizen has prepared the following guide to the 2007 speech so consumers can get complete and accurate information about the issues.

Ha ha! Love that.