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Attorney Generals to Oppose TJX Settlement

Remember that TJX, the idiot company responsible for the biggest data breach in history, managed (somehow) to have part of their punishment include having to put their products on sale (oh, curses!)? Well, some Attorney Generals aren't satisfied with that.

It's nice to know that someone in a position of authority is actually paying attention.

Typosquatting A Problem, But Tools are Wrong Solution

There's been a recent report about the Typo-squatting problem where they talk about mistyping a popular website name can get you served with a fake site full of ads, malware, or porn.

They mention the McAffee SiteAdvisor software that tries to alert you if you're on a site that probably isn't what you intended, but I offer this simple tool instead: Google. Set Google to your homepage and from now on, whenever you would normally type a site name into the address bar, hit the "home" button and type it into Google's search box instead.

If you mispelled it, Google will correct it and the first or second link will probably be the page you meant.

Substitute a different search engine if you must.

Greece Shows US How It’s Done

When the police in Greece used a surveillance camera network to monitor demonstrations, the head of their Data Protection Authority (along with the deputy head and two others) all resigned in protest.

Too bad our leaders don't have the same level of integrity. We can't even get our new attorney general to admit that waterboarding is torture.

(H/T to for the link)

Free Software Foundation To Support RIAA Victims

The RIAA has been able to run free for years suing just about anyone it can using dubious legal methods. Well, their glory days may be over. The Free Software Foundation has pledged funds to "pay fees and/or expenses of technical expert witnesses, forensic examiners, and other technical consultants assisting individuals named as defendants in non-commercial, peer-to-peer file sharing cases brought by the RIAA, EMI, SONY BMG, Vivendi Universal, and Warner Bros. Records, and their affiliated companies, such as Interscope, Arista, UMG, Fonovisa, Motown, Atlantic, Priority, and others".

That is awesome.

Spychips Author Sets Record Straight on Cancer-Causing RFID Implants

Caspian just released a paper documenting the research showing the causal link between RFID implants and cancer in lab animals. The reason they issued this report is because of the recent news press about the issue. They wrote and issued this report because "a lot of misinformation about the cancer research has circulated since [the original cancer research] was published". Damage control by Verichip perhaps?

In almost all cases, the malignant tumors, typically sarcomas, arose at the site of the implants and grew to surround and fully encase the devices.

That's not subtle is it? Neither is this:

Either VeriChip and the makers of HomeAgain actually don't understand the difference between a benign fibroma and a malignant fibrosarcoma," noted Dr. Albrecht, "or they're deliberately lying to the public. Either way, it's clear they can't be trusted. We hope our new report will set the record straight.

Check out the "Recent Industry Misstatements about Implant-Cancer Research" section near the bottom of the page for specific examples of lies/ignorance told by chip makers and CASPIAN's factual rebuttals.

Summary of White House E-mail Issue to Date

This covers it pretty well. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, watchdog groups sued the Whitehouse for records that they believe will prove that Bush and company lied and generally did bad things. The Whitehouse claims to have deleted all e-mail records from that time.

Imagine that.

$200 Dollar PC Sold at Walmart Appears to be a Hit

Walmart has tried selling a computer based on a Linux OS before, but this time it seems to be taking. the gPC runs with very light specs (by today's standards), but becuase the system and programs require less memory and processing power, the net result is competitive with today's more beefy machines.

Personally, I'm blogging about this article just for this line alone:

Even at the low end, however, image is everything. The gPC is built using tiny components, but put inside a full-size case because research indicates that Wal-Mart shoppers are so unsophisticated they equate physical size with capability.


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Use Caution When Buying Extended Warranties has an article today about extended warranties. With the way they present it, I wonder why anyone would ever buy one.

It turns out that I mostly agree with them. I sold extended warranties for a long time and I can guarantee that you'll get your money's worth in some specific cases, but unless you know your rights very well and push for them in the face of opposition from the store and the company, you probably will never recoup your costs.

If you don't have the tenacity to fight for your warranty terms, you're better off avoiding the expense.

Helix Wind Power

A type of home energy production, this is similar to standard wind turbines in that it produces electricity from wind, but it can be mounted very low to the ground and spins no matter what direction the wind is blowing (even up). This is pretty cool if it works as well as it seems.

I second the commentor on the article who suggested that these could be mounted on lampposts all over the city to generate power.

Theft Deterrant – Make You Car Look Rusted

I have always said the best defense against theft is to have a lousy car. Now I might want a nice car someday, but there must be a way to make it at least look bad…. Well here's a good example: stickers that make your car look rusted.

It would be simple enough to scrape away paint and let it rust for real or bang in the metal here and there, but real damage affects resale and could end up causing need of repairs. This solution is far more elegant.