Jeremy Duffy
"Let my expertise be your shield!"

What can Jeremy do for you?

Seminars & Briefings
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Information Security

Data Defense  ●  Identity Theft
Operations Security (OPSEC)

Business Excellence

Public Speaking
Employee-leader collaboration

Choose from one of my existing talks or custom made to meet your needs for topic, length, and audience. Popular talks include:

  • Goodbye Identity Theft
  • CTRL+Z - Removing yourself from the Internet
  • OPSEC is a Waste of Time
  • 6 Ways to Destroy Yourself Online

See for details on each of these and more talks

OPSEC and Data Defense - Learn the same operations defense techniques that are taught to the military, federal employees, and government contractors.

Public Speaking and Communication - With an emphasis on combating fear and reluctance, Jeremy can show even the most reluctant employees how to make speaking effective and possibly even enjoyable.

See for details on each of these and more talks

Sometimes the best way to improve operations is to see it for yourself. Let Jeremy help you design your defense policies and procedures or evaluate the ones you have. If you'd like to benefit from his experience in technology, the Department of Defense, and information risk management, use the the contact form at the bottom of this page.

See for details on each of these and more talks

"Jeremy was an excellent presenter who knew his topic and kept the audience engaged. I enjoyed this presentation so much, that I rearranged my schedule to take other classes offered by Jeremy."
--Attendee (National OPSEC Conference)

Jeremy's Customers

Here are just some of the organizations who've benefited from Jeremy's experience.
From Alaska to Florida, USA to Japan, Jeremy will help your organization be the best it can be!

 ● US Air Force
 ● US Army
 ● US Coast Guard
 ● US Navy
 ● US Joint Forces Command
 ● National Security Agency
 ● Interagency OPSEC Support Staff
 ● Center of Academic Excellence
 ● CSE, Canda
 ● Defense Info. Systems Agency
 ● Defense Security Service
 ● Dept. of Homeland Security
 ● Foreign Service Institute
 ● National Defense University
 ● Defense Logistics Agency
 ● Missile Defense Agency
 ● Department of State
"You shared so much useful information that was new to our students and parents; you really contributed to the success of the day"
NSA Educational Outreach

About Jeremy

Jeremy speaks at the University of Advancing Technology


Jeremy speaks on relevant topics - Internet safety, privacy, protecting business information and systems. Because the attendees never have to wonder how it applies to them, they never lose interest.


Using the principles of “Edutainment”, Jeremy uses appropriate humor, relatable real-world examples, and an upbeat tempo to keep attendees engaged.

Jeremy shares tech safety with university students


Jeremy’s goal it to change perspectives. By promoting a mindset of security and safety, attendees will be better defended against threats of today and tomorrow.


Goal #1 is lasting positive change. Not just because you should get what you pay for but because Jeremy’s mission is to educate and, through education, leave attendees tangibly better protected than they were before. Using tech effectively and safely is much harder and takes more education than it should. Until we advance the user experience above all else, Jeremy will fill the gaps; using his expertise to help keep people safe.

"Knows how to speak to our level. Always entertaining while educating. Appreciate the dry humor and especially the 1-2 page summary handout of key notes."
National OPSEC Conference

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